Professional training courses for pizza makers


Basic course for pizza makers

The Basic Course for Pizza Makers is aimed at all those who intend to carry out the profession of pizza maker with all the preparation and skills which this work requires. The course can be attended by those who do not have experience of this profession and are coming face to face with this world for the first time, but also by professionals in the sector and owners of pizzerias who wish to consolidate their knowledge, including theoretical knowledge, and acquire a even greater level of professionalism.
The basic course for pizza makers is divided into classes for learning and improving practical skills and classes for theoretical sessions, which are no less important than practical activities.

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What you will learn at the Basic Course for Pizza Makers

  • Knowledge of different types of cereals
  • Flour
  • Type of flour for varieties of products
  • Yeasts
  • Leavening
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation of pizza dough
  • Spreading the dough
  • Topping
  • Pizza cooking
Learn an art and find work straight away!
Our Basic Pizza Makers’ Course takes place over a period of 14 days, from Monday to Sunday, for a total of 60 hours, 10 of which are theoretical and 50 are practical. All the teachers of the course come from a specific educational path and have a certificate which certifies their skills. The organisation, contents and teaching method we offer are highly professional; our school can also boast several international quality certifications.

At the end of the course the student must pass a final test which is practical and theoretical. Upon successful completion of this test, a Certificate of Participation with Merit is issued. If instead the test is not passed, the student will have the possibility to try again, obviously after having filled in their own gaps, or they will have the possibility to participate in a new course in the same venue for free.

Becoming a pizza maker allows you to become part of a professional category which is highly requested by the market.
Many of our best students are easily placed in the labour market in the pizzeria and restaurant sector in Italy and abroad.

Are you a professional? Don't stop and evolve with our specialisation courses

Specialisation courses for pizza makers

The Specialisation Courses for Pizza Makers which we offer at the Accademia Professional are dedicated to professionals in the sector who want to learn more about pizza making techniques: production, preparation, topping and cooking.



The preparation of a new yeast seems simple: just mix water and flour. But getting a good yeast is another thing entirely. The leavening can take place at different speeds and with very different olfactory cues. The risk of compromising the work of months is very high for those who are approaching the subject for the first time.
It is certainly easier to work a yeast recovered from a colleague, but what taste does it have?
The use of sourdough varies in quantity and quality depending on the desired product.
Our course also explains how best to vary the proportions and preparations to get the best yield. We will not use all our yeast, so we need to know how to preserve it, how and how often to refresh it, identifying and correcting any defects to avoid damaging our final product.


Pizza in Pala is also known as Spianata, Stirata or Pizza alla Romana, as it is typical of Rome's bakeries. It is a very hydrated dough which is simple to prepare but which has a series of possible variations in the construction phase which condition the quality of the final product. Through continuous experimentation we have obtained a new production method for dough in pala. We have updated our course by proposing an alternative to the classic method of preparing Pizza in Pala which will allow you to produce an exceptionally cellular product with a strong personality in terms of flavour. We will use various types of flours, in particular stone-ground flours, cereal mixes, wholemeal to let you discover how you can customise your product and we will arrive at the production of the final product without using the "cold".


Pizza in Teglia has a secret which is what allows a good development in height while maintaining lightness. The perfect combination of these aspects differentiates the final product.
Not to be confused with pizza in teglia romana!


The course of Pizza Napoletana guides the student to the choice of suitable flours, to the optimal method of kneading, spreading, topping and cooking to obtain the classic pizza from the beautiful cornice which is typical of Naples. We also deepen the theme of the Pizza Napoletana obtained in absolute respect of the certified specification in the European Community, as a Traditional Guaranteed Speciality product.


The specialisation course in Pizza Acrobatics aims to improve dexterity in handling, speeding up work in pizzerias using acrobatic techniques. Without forgetting that the pizza maker's show has always fascinated customers and is part of the choreography of the pizzeria.


The oven is the heart of the pizzeria and can deal with well over 4 hours of service. We then also learn to produce bread which can be used as a crunchy companion while waiting for dishes or to serve tasty appetisers. During the course the techniques for obtaining light and tasty bread using pizza dough will be explained.


How can you organise your work plan and what procedures can you adopt to serve coeliac customers in complete safety, obtaining a dough with an excellent and fragrant yield like that of traditional pizza? We will explain it to you in this course: different mixes of gluten-free flours and technical solutions will be proposed to obtain a dough which is uniform and easy to work.
All of our Master Instructors are able to hold the Specialisation Courses, but we tend to entrust the course to those who, due to their regionality, have a total mastery of the product or those who, through passion, have developed a particular knowledge of it.