Advice for opening pizzerias


Consulting for pizzerias

Associazione Accademia Professional is not just a training school for pizza makers. In fact, we accompany entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs who want to improve or start their own pizzeria from scratch. We provide 360° advice for pizzerias, through which we help you in many aspects of pizzeria management. Would you like some examples? Here they are:

  • Design of a local pizzeria
  • Organisation of centralised production of fresh or frozen products
  • Organisation of production in the individual pizzeria
  • Workforce organisation
  • Control of costs and management
  • Technical and product consulting
  • Definition of a specific dough (classic pizza, pizza napoletana...)
  • Performing the verification and calibration of a specific mixture
  • Definition of specific exclusive recipes
  • Searching for equipment, raw materials (in particular in foreign countries)

If you want a successful business, put your trust in us: contact us at 3515430544 and find out how to make your pizzeria the place everyone wants to see.