Associazione Accademia Professional

Have you always dreamed of becoming a skilled pizza maker? Then don't waste any more time and head to the professional school for pizza makers of the Associazione Accademia Professional. Many years of experience in the world of pizza and pizzerias have allowed us to develop a very rich know-how and have made us the ideal teachers for anyone who is now entering this profession.

You put in all your desire to learn, we'll do the rest: basic courses for beginners and specialisation courses for those who have already started in this profession but want to improve themselves. Thanks to our courses pizza will hold no more secrets for you: dough techniques, dough ingredients, cooking techniques and lots of other essential information to start up a pizzeria business and run it successfully.
Our office is in Sassari, but we also hold our courses in Cagliari, Olbia, Oristano, Nuoro, thus covering the whole of Sardinia.

Through our courses you will get to know all the basics of pizza: how to prepare dough, which flours to use to prepare pizza, how to get a perfect leavening, how to combine the ingredients ... at the end of the course you will be a 100% self-sufficient pizza maker, ready to also be able to create new pizzas, if you want.
Become a pizza chef with our professional pizza school!

The strengths of our Academy

Passion for pizza
We always try to pass it on to our students so that they can always make good and unique pizzas.

Experience and professionalism

We have decades of experience in the pizzeria sector.

Certified teachers
All our teachers are certified Master Pizza Makers.

The educational offer of our Academy is complete, from basic to specialisation courses.

Courses close to your city
Although our headquarters are in Sassari, we hold our courses everywhere in Sardinia, to give you the opportunity to attend them without having to deal with long journeys.

Assistance after the courses
Once the course is over, you will continue to be followed by your teacher, who will provide you with advice, support and technical assistance.

Our many years of experience are at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.
The power of knowledge!
The secret of the practice... (cit. D.C.)


The Associazione Accademia Professional is a certified professional school which is among the most important in Italy.

Quality Management System Certification
This certification attests that all the processes and procedures which accompany a student from when they enrol to the end of the courses are organised and managed according to quality criteria. This certification is an excellent tool, essential for a company which makes quality, seriousness and methodical rigour its credo.

Certified Educational Path
This certification guarantees the advanced training course with defined characteristics for Instructors of the Accademia Professional.

The defined and certified characteristics consist of:

  • Selection of teachers
  • Selection of participants
  • Methods of examining the courses
  • Minimum number of hours
  • Multidisciplinary technical committee.
The secret of pizza is the water, the tomatoes, the flour, the dough, the oven ...
The secret of pizza is a secret.

Do you want to become a master instructor?

Who is the Master Instructor? He or she is the teacher of the Accademia Professional and certified Master of Pizza.

Our Master Instructors are all professionals selected at the end of a long path of qualified training, a course which develops through different phases. It starts with an initial selection consisting of an interview and a reading of your CV.

Then follows a course which concludes with a final exam, after which you will obtain the certification.

While attending the course you will come face to face with different external professionals who will put you to the test with various kinds of tests, both theoretical and practical.

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