Associazione Accademia Professional

Associazione Accademia Professional

At the Associazione Accademia Professional, in Sassari, we offer you the opportunity to become an expert pizza maker through a wide range of training courses for pizza makers who all share three fundamental elements: decades of experience in the field, a passion for pizza and a desire to teach this real art. In our courses we create a perfect mix of theoretical and hands-on approaches and obviously we are always up-to-date on the news concerning the world of pizza: from production methods to new ingredients.

Our Academy was founded in Sassari, where its headquarters are still located, in Via Carlo Alberto 48, but we hold our courses throughout Sardinia. So you can learn the art of the true pizza maker from us even if you live in the provinces of Cagliari, Olbia, Oristano or Nuoro without having to travel for miles and miles. Our goal is not just to teach you to become a skilled pizza maker, but also to convey our enthusiasm for this job and to push you to experiment and to always create the best and most innovative solutions for pizza production, as well as to run a pizzeria.

At the Accademia Professional we have developed a series of courses which are broken down between the time devoted to learning theory in the classroom and the time dedicated to practical training.

You’ll never get bored at our courses: we will awaken your curiosity and your passion and in the meantime you will learn all there is to know about the basics of pizza, the types of leavening, the preparation of dough with all the possible variations and combinations of flour, on the techniques of opening and spreading the pizza, on the toppings and on putting it in the oven. At the end of our course not only will the art of making pizza no longer hold any secrets for you, but you will also have an incredible desire to experiment with new techniques, combinations and tastes. Contact us at 3515430544, also via Whatsapp, to find out more.
We organize basic courses, specialisation courses, advanced courses: make pizza your profession and contact the Associazione Accademia Professional!

Pizza Book Course Accademia Professional

When you sign up for our pizza-making courses, you will receive our book in digital format, free of charge, where you can study and explore the art of making pizzas.

Here you will find the main foundations, from mixing and baking techniques to the preparation of flour mixes for special doughs. And much more...

Basic and Specialised Courses for Pizza-Makers

The Associazione Accademia Professional currently offers 10 professional courses, divided into a Basic Course and Specialisation Courses

The Basic Course

The Basic Course for Pizza-Makers is aimed at everyone: those who want to become professional pizza chefs, but also those who already work in the sector, and owners of catering business who want a solid theoretical and practical basis from which to conduct their own pizzeria business.

Specialisation Courses

Our Specialisation Courses are dedicated to professionals in the sector who want to enhance the techniques of making, producing, spreading, filling and cooking pizzas. If you are already a pizza maker and want to improve your quality, contact us right now at the addresses you can find at the bottom of this page.
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Consultancy for Pizzerias

Associazione Accademia Professional is not just courses. In fact, our experience is also at the service of restaurants, pizzerias in particular, which want to have something more. We offer all these companies a complete and timely 360° consultation on the world of pizzerias. In particular, from us you can have advice and assistance for

Consultancy for Pizzerias

  • Designing a local pizzeria
  • Organising the production of fresh or frozen foods in a centralised way
  • Organising production in a single local pizzeria
  • Organising the workforce
  • Checking costs and management
  • Carrying out technical and product consultations
  • Defining the specific mixtures
  • Performing the verification and calibration of a specific mixture
  • Defining exclusive recipes for your restaurant
  • Searching for equipment and raw materials, even in foreign countries

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